Keto Diet for beginners

Self Experienced Review Guide About Keto Diet – How Keto Burn My Fat?

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As you read, I was also worried due to facing this issue & have tried a lot of fat burning supplements but no results.

After a month ago, My girlfriend asked me to try a Keto Diet for burn fat. I decided to take a one more chance & Really it works for me.

So Here I am reviewing that How i use keto weight loss diet for burn my fat 🙂

You should be know about all these terms which i mentioned here:

What is keto Weight loss?

Scientifically the Keto diet is defined as a fat rich, moderate protein and low carbohydrate diet.

Keto Diet for beginners

Due to the predominance of fats in the diet the body gradually gains a fat adaptive metabolism. As a result fat is burnt more efficiently by the body for fuel requirements.

The aim of keto weight loss diet is to reduce the carbohydrate intake to less than 50gm a day.

This lowers the glucose reserve in the body which makes the body turn to fats for getting energy.

It has been known to be used for controlling diabetes in earlier times. It has gained popularity in recent times as an effective weight control measure.

Though there is no best diet for weight loss which can suit every individual’s need, a properly planned and tracked ketosis diet can help achieve the weight loss goal efficiently.

Ketogenic diet has emerged as popular weight control measure as it does not really involve starving the body like conventional dieting. Keto Diet for beginners can help you to gain a slim body in no time.

It keeps the body satiated for a long time by reducing the hunger pangs and eventually enhances the energy at both physical and mental levels.

How Keto Diet Plan works? Is it safe for beginners?

Keto diet for weight loss is known to put our bodies into the process of ketosis. Ketosis raises the level of ketones in our bodies which in turn influences our appetite.

Ketones help suppress he hunger hormones know as Ghrelin. This promotes the feeling of being full thereby reducing frequent hunger pangs.

While following the Keto diet plan, since the carbohydrate intake is reduced, our body first breaks down the glucose from liver and then breaks down the muscle to release stored glucose.

After the glucose reserve is depleted, the level of insulin in the blood lowers. Insulin is a hormone which influences the storage of energy in our body, either as fat or glucose.

Since the glucose reserve is depleted, the body turns to fat for getting the fuel.

Loading up on fat also makes the body feel fuller for long as compared to carbohydrates. With carbohydrate intake, a steady supply is required to replenish the reserve which is not the case with fats.

Fats try to maintain a steady energy level thereby reducing the number of trips to the fridge.

What is the role of Keto weight loss supplement?

Ketones, which are central to the idea of keto weight loss, can be produced either endogenously or exogenously.

Endogenous ketones are the ones produced internally by our own bodies. Exogenous ketones are the ones made in a lab which we supply externally to the body.

Exogenous ketones contain beta-hydroxybutyrate ketone. Exogenous ketone supplements help reach our body the state of ketosis diet i.e. they help increase the blood ketone levels.

People use these supplements either as a standalone tool  or along with the ketogenic diet to achieve their weight loss aim.

Ketone supplements can be in two forms- ketone esters and ketone salts. Both are used as a diet supplement with ketone salts being more popular as ketone esters do not taste very good and may cause little gastrointestinal distress.

Keto diet foods & supplements may also be used to condition the body for certain sports.

However proper dietary modifications must be carried out in such cases as just popping the keto pills might not be able to bring out effective results.

Why Keto Weight Loss Diet is a successful diet program For Everyone?

Traditional dieting involved starving one’s body without proper tracking of how many vital nutrients are being consumed.

Over time people realized that starving is not equivalent to weight loss. It may even backfire and deprive the body of essential nourishment.

What is really required for a healthy body and mind is intelligent eating, proper tracking and moderate workout.

Ketosis has become the fad diet today due to a number of factors:

  • Easily available fat rich foods
  • Better and faster results if followed diligently
  • Availability of supplements
  • Celebrity keto goers
  • Reduces cravings ang hunger pangs
  • Energizes the body for longer durations

How Keto Weight Loss Supplements accelerate the weight loss?

Keto foods for beginners

Keto weight loss fast supplements increase the energy and metabolism in the body. It allow the body to convert in the state if nutritional ketosis and thus accelerate the weight loss.

However, it is highly recommended to seek an advice of medical professional and consider your medical condition before taking any keto supplement.

These keto diet supplements aid to the appetite suppression and help you to lose the weight gradually by eating less.

Must Read About Keto Diet Side Effects: Is it Safe?

Though studies claim that keto diet is a very effective weight loss measure, it has its own set of limitations-

  • Adaptation: In the initial few weeks your body may have some problems adapting to the ketosis process. On a low carb diet ,our bodies tend to develop the symptoms of keto flu like headache,nausea,fatigue etc.
  • Proper tracking: Just following a keto diet foods plan for the sake of following is not enough. Keto weight loss diet requires diligent tracking of your carb intake. Carbs are everywhere and it may become difficult to choose food items that do not contain carbs. You may end up consuming more carbs which will put your body out of ketosis without you even knowing. Therefore proper tracking and calculations are a must when on this diet.
  • Protein: Along with carbs and fat,the keto diet review also focuses on the consumption of protein in moderation. However if you consume more protein than what is required in a keto diet plan then you no longer remain on a keto weight loss which automatically puts your body out of ketosis.
  • Regularity: Any diet including keto takes upto at least a month before the body properly adapts itself according to the new regime. Initially the body rapidly loses the water weight but then the process of weight loss may slow down a little. This can force some newbies to quit the diet early before allowing the body to properly settle in the new diet.
  • Water intake: Due to less carb intake , the water retention capacity of the body goes down. This calls for an adequate intake of water to prevent dehydration.
  • Calories: Weight loss majorly revolves more around calories than carbs or fats. In an effort to focus more on fats and carbs some people may end up consuming more calories than they are burning. For weight loss the amount of calories consumed should be less than the amount of calories burnt.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Keto Weight Loss Diet:

Question: How much I can lose with keto weight loss?

Answer: Each individual’s body may react to the keto diet/keto supplement differently.This depends on several factors like current weight, metabolism, work out regime etc.

In the initial 1-2 weeks, the body gets rid of the water weight which may lower the body weight by upto 10 pounds. Most people lose about 2-7 pounds in this phase.

After the initial phase the body loses an average of 2-4 pounds per week in the next 2- 3 weeks. This is the phase in which the body is adjusting itself to the ketosis process.

After a month or two into the keto diet, the weight loss may slow down to about 1-2 pounds per week.

Question: Is there any side effects of keto pills?

Answer: Any new introduction to the body is bound to bring some changes. Adapting to a new metabolism may be accompanied by few unpleasant changes like nausea, digestive troubles, fatigue.

Also, keto pills are effective in fat burning but if you keep consuming the foods that made you fat in the first place then the net result won’t be satisfactory.

Question: What will happen if I will cheat ketosis diet?

Answer: Tweaking a keto diet for weight loss midway is likely to put your body out of ketosis specially if the cheat meal is rich in carbs. Also post the cheat meal the body may experience keto flu symptoms again while coming back into the keto plan & routine.

Question: How to refrain gaining weight on ketosis?

Answer: Ketosis helps the body burn fat. To make sure you don’t gain weight during ketosis you need to properly and diligently track the macro nutrients and calorie intake. Too much protein,too much carbs or too many calories can put your body out of ketosisand thereby contribute to weight gain.

Question: How to find that I’m on ketosis?

Answer: There are many ways to find out if your body is on ketosis. The most effective way is to carry out a blood test or a urine test or a breath test.These help in determining the ketone levels in the body.Home ketone testing kits are also available for this purpose.

Another sign is dehydration,fatigue,muscle spasms and cramps as ketosis makes your body get rid of water very fast.

Also experiencing a rapid weight loss in the initial 1-2 weeks followed by a steady decline in weight loss may also signal that the body has entered into ketosis.

Question: How much ketosis I need to lose weight?

Answer: Weight loss during ketosis depends on a plethora of factors like metabolism, exercise routine, health situation, daily eating habits, regularity etc.

Initially the body may rapidly lose water weight but this will slow down after the first phase. A properly followed keto regime will take somewhere around 1-2 months to give a stable weight loss result.

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