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Is Panalean is Effective for Weight Loss? Detailed Review 2019

Trying hard to take out time for your gym regime?

Are crash diets in anticipation to lose weight hampering your quality of life?

Is your obesity becoming a major cause of your stress?

Do you know there are many weight loss supplements which not only claims but also show miraculous results to their users?

So, why not to take advantage of such advancements which contributes to accelerating the quality of your life?

Panalean is one of such upcoming health supplement which can deliver the results as expected by users without putting in many efforts.

The lifestyle of today has posed a serious issue of obesity. A study reveals that 32.2% of people in the US are obese.

Most of this account for the youth who are largely influenced by the inactive lifestyle and inappropriate eating habits.

Are you jostling with the sluggish metabolism and fat-hoarding in your body?

If yes, then you might need a herbal supplement.

Panalean Diet which can help you regaining confidence with a healthy built by speeding up your weight loss.

Let us analyze what Panalean is all about and how effective it is:

What is Panalean Weight Loss Diet? Does it work?

It is an effective weight-loss formula which increases energy and enhances the fat-burning process gradually. This wellness supplement contains specialized ingredients like Fiit-NS and Innoslim.

What is Panalean Weight Loss Diet? Does it work?

It gives you freedom of eating whatever you want and improves your digestive and stomach system to aid weight loss.

It claimed to be a 100% natural dietary supplement consists of the pure plant extracts of stubborn adipose tissue.

Besides improving your metabolism, it also aids your immune system, muscles and energy levels.

Who manufactured Panalean Diet For Weight Loss?

Biogenics is the manufacturer of Panalean which was earlier a cryopreservation company. Firstly, It manufactured the gut support herbal supplement.

Core ingredients of Panalean? This Ingredients Is Effective & Safe?

As Panalean Fat Burning Supplement claimed to be herbal supplement as all the ingredients in it are herbal as well. Main ingredients of Panalean are as follows:


It is formed by combining the astragalus with Panax ginseng. The scientific name of InnoSlim is NuLiv. It is considered as one of the safe and long-term weight-loss management supplement.

However, no third party research has been conducted so far. These claims are made by the CEO& President of NuLiv.

Niacin (astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng):

It is a water-soluble vitamin which is also referred to as Vitamin B3. It is mainly formed by combining nicotinamide, nicotinic acid and nicotinamide riboside.

It is useful in the treatment and prevention of Pellegra disease. However, body flushing is one of the possible outcomes of the body’s reaction to nicotine acid.

Fiit-NS (extracts of guarana, black carrot, grapefruit, green tea, grape):

Also referred to as Metabolic Anti-Aging Ingredient, this is a safe and chemical-free composition which has many positive effects on the body.

However, guarana is considered as the source of caffeine which results in higher energy levels in your body

How much Panalean herbal pills to be consumed for effective weight loss?

The recommended dose of two capsules each day with food is suggested as per the label. There are certain directions prescribed on the usage of this supplement which should be followed rigorously to yield effective results.

What are the various claims made by the Panalean?

The manufacturer of Panalean fat burning diet claims it to be ‘ancient fat-blasting enzyme’ which shifts your metabolism to the skinny model.

However, there are no proofs which back these claims substantially.

There are no ingredients presents in Panalean tablets which can boost metabolism. As per the supplement, it helps in:

  • Removing the chubbiness from the body
  • Gathering up all the damage-causing free-radicals
  • Steady out the level of blood sugar in your body
  • Makes you feel energetic by releasing enough energy
  • 100% herbal product with no side effects

However, there is no single bit of evidence which can justify these claims but so far no use have complained any side-effects of this health supplement.

Is Panalean effective as a weight loss supplement? Must Read

As it does not contain any effective weight loss ingredients, it has been questioned several times – Does Panalean Pills works for weight loss? It proved to be an integral part of a weight-loss journey due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants present in it.

It has been formulated specifically to suppress the appetite and boosts the metabolism. Your body stores useless energy as fat.

By suppressing the appetite, you tend to eat less and your boy will automatically store less fat.

The weight loss depends on the metabolism rate of an individual. If you have a faster metabolism, you can easily keep yourself free from obesity.

Hence, Panalean for weight loss effectively contributes to your weight loss by improving your metabolism rate.

Gradually, you will lose fat easily. All the natural ingredients of this supplement help in burning the body fat more efficiently.

Are there any side effects associated with Panalean? Facts Here:

As Panalean diet is 100% herbal dietary supplement, there are no side-effects reported by any user or disclosed by its manufacturer.

But the ingredients included in it may associate with certain adverse reactions such as:

  • Nervousness
  • Diarrhoea
  • Stomach irritation
  • Mild gastro effect
  • Possible interactions with prescription medications
  • Insomnia

Where can I buy Panalean Weight oss Diet? *Discounted Prices Here*

You can buy the Panalean at the official website of its manufacturer. However, there are many third-party sellers as well which offer great deals and discounts on it.

And if you are sure of using this herbal health supplement for a longer run, you can buy it in quantities to enjoy huge savings. 

Pros and Cons of Panalean Diet at glance:

Every weight loss supplement comes with certain pros and limitations as well. Even Panalean is not an exception to this. Here are the Pros and cons associated with Panalean supplement at a glance:


  • A bottle of Panalean diet for weight loss cost under $60, making it affordable over other available supplements
  • Most of the users did not complain any strong side-effects
  • If you make quantity purchases, you can enjoy certain discounts as well


  • It does not include any weight-loss ingredients
  • It simple focus on Fiit-NS and InnoSlim as core ingredients to aid weight loss
  • For energy increase in your body, the caffeine present in it is responsible
  • The fancy studies provided by Panalean ingredients can be understood by scientists only.

Final Thoughts: Is it Safe to Buy or Not?

Weight loss journey has never been an easy deal. However, adding supplements like Panalean can accelerate the results.

panalean weight loss diet

It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidants and human body always deal with inflammation and free radical syndrome making it effective. But these effects have nothing to do with the weight loss.

This supplement proved to be 100% herbal and does not interfere with the metabolism rates directly to create any mess.

It can be counted upon as a healthy dietary supplement which treats situations like inflammation or free supplement which most of us face while sailing through our weight loss journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Panalean Weight Loss Supplements:

Question: Is there any free trial available for Panalean diet?

Answer: However, no free trial is available for the Panalean weight loss, there are several discounts and offers available which makes it priced reasonably and affordable even for the trial purposes.

Question: Is there any third party who has tested this health supplement?

Answer: Yes, besides Biogenics Panalean, it has been tested in the third-party labs as well. These labs also confirmed the claims made by the manufacturer are worth to consider.

Question: Is there any money-back guarantee scheme for Panalean Supplement?

Answer: Yes, the manufacturer extends a refund guarantee for the Panaleans, the buyers are facilitated with the free books which help you to stay fit and in shape as mentioned below:

  • Sneaky Calorie Burners that anyone will Do.
  • Combat Belly Fat by dominant corticosteroid.
  • 7 Breakfast Secrets for Burning Fat and Staying Energized All Day Long

Question: Is Panalean Tablets certified by GMP?

Answer: Yes, the product is certified by GMP which authenticate its safety to use by anyone who wishes to lose weight rapidly.

Question: How much time does Panalean weight loss take to show the weight loss results?

Answer: There are several factors which contribute to the weight loss including your lifestyle, eating habits as well as your starting size.

In most of the cases, the users start experiencing weight loss in the 1-2 weeks of usage. However, it is important to stick to the plan and follow the guidelines to achieve the desired results.

Question: How much time ideally it should take to lose 15 kgs?

Answer: With the average of losing 1 kg every week, you can lose 15 kg weight within 3-4 months. For losing a 1 kg weight in a particular week, it requires a daily calorie deficit of 1000.

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, you do not require calories more than 1800 as women and 2400 as men. If you are having an active lifestyle, you don’t require more than 2500 calories as a woman and 3000 calories as a man. (the average age is 35 years).

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